Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK).

Blue cheese burger. £7.95.

I visited the Clink branch of GBK today at around four in the afternoon. This was the centre of an area where one might expect people to be walking around and getting hungry. It was also above the famously gruesome prison that all British prisons are named after in slang. Despite all these things the staff outnumbered the customers. 

If you feel like trying the same please download the app and use the code geUQ5. We will both get a free side. Cheers.
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I ordered my 'free' soft drink which was not, of course free at all because I paid in loyalty points. A sign asked me to wait to be shown my seat which seemed a little unnecessary as the place was almost empty. When I was given the seat I was asked to order at the counter which seemed to eliminate the point of table service. Maybe the real point was to make me believe I was in a 'proper' restaurant?
The burger came and all was forgiven. Good meat that tasted of steak, fried onions peppers and blue cheese sauce. Interesting adult flavors washed across my mouth fighting for attention. Delicious.

I was still thinking about what I had eaten twenty minutes later.

I give this four out of five. The only things that lets them down is that no sides come as standard and the relative costliness. Sides and drinks may be earned through a points system but most rivals include them in the price.

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