Thursday, 14 January 2016

The last good trope.

Do you want more?

The English Gentleman is probably the last positive male trope in western culture. He is not always English but the term is understood better when I say it this way.

The Gentleman has nothing in common with the servile Nice Guy- the Gentleman is the builder of empires and slayer of dragons. The term basically means 'free man'. A gentleman was someone who did not need to work and therefore had to develop a higher purpose.

Few of us are independently wealthy but most of us could work part time. This would make us part time gentlemen (or ladies) because we would then be among the very few free human beings on earth.

The hardest path any human can take is that of being free. There is no boss or authority to tell the free man what he is or what he should do. He is therefore left alone with himself to find his own way through life.

Most are not up to the task.

The reward- for the few that choose this path-  is a life of meaning, dragon slayed and heroic battles won.

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