Tuesday, 23 February 2016

The Human Face of Facebook..

Facebook can build friendships rather than replace them.

Facebook generally does not help the user live life more deeply- or even connect with their fellow human being. It is used as a sort of veil that separates the user from life and the humanity that they are ostensibly communicating with.

Facebook offers a devils bargain. It turns every user into a self promoter and in return Facebook beams paid advertising at the customer. This is poetic justice on one level- a two way exchange of bullshit but the tragedy is that this bullshit replaces authentic contact.

It does not need to be this way.

I seriously considered deleting my account because of the effect it had upon me. I would be in a restaurant and feel the urge to photograph my plate- as if any one cared. The habit of preforming a life for an audience rather than living it is toxic and hard to kill.
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One way to use Facebook authentically is to use the Notes feature. I have created a database of information that only certain people can access. In this way I can let my friends know where I will be on a particular day. This aids real contact with real people. Face to face.

I also let people know of items I have available to lend. Again, this is an offline and practical action.

If one is of a reactionary disposition one may also place political material in the Notes and prevent anyone from work accessing it.

If I am travelling to a new country I place my plans on the Notes section. Only my friends can see this so they can look for me if I do not return.

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