Sunday, 11 September 2016

Badger and Blade.

A gentleman is not his possessions. His worth is not determined by the opinions of others.

A gentleman is free.. and dangerous. Truth to him is more important than life itself.

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A gentleman should always be ready to leave his home at a moments notice and never return. The value of his life is not bound up with his possessions.

He keeps essential supplies at hand so that he is always packed to leave. I keep this tweed toiletry bag in the bathroom.  It keeps me organised and means I can grab the essentials of life and be out the door in moments.

Blade and badger brush are essential for the full British Empire experience!

A single pack of blades can last a month at a push and shaving soap lasts even longer.

I use Real Shave Company products in the kit. A gentleman is not afraid to run when it is needed but he is never poorly shaved.

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