Monday, 5 September 2016

Knowledge and Forgetting.

Schooling tells us to stop learning when the course ends, but self education is a job for life.

The schooled student forgets about 80% of what he has been taught in the two weeks following his exam. If he retains anything at all it is because he has an interest in the subject- in other words he has been self educating himself while being taught.

Most people do not realise that the small amount they retain from their studies was actually their own effort. They credit their expensive university for teaching them something they have actually taught themselves.
Our problem is not that we have too few opportunities to learn- it is that we have so many. We may have no money for university but the whole world stands ready to share its secrets with us.

Our problem is not that we know too little. It is that we know too much. We accumulate received wisdom that is incorrect and never discard it. Once we discard the fairy tales that authority tells us we find that learning is easy.

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