Thursday, 1 December 2016

All that is ugly will die.

I traveled to Oxford, a medieval town, and found the beautiful buildings still standing. 

I traveled to Bath and saw the buildings Jane Austin knew. I found the Roman baths there too.

I work in the City where medieval buildings and customs still endure. I traveled to Birmingham and found the beauty there too. All this has outlived the factories that financed them.

Beauty persists- and the institutions that create beauty persist too.

Feudalism, industrialism and the Roman empire all passed. The current order (the Cathedral) is passing faster than anyone knows. The Cathedral is political correctness, and most modern institutions. The beauty that the Cathedral creates will endure but the ugliness will be forgotten.
The Cathedral is mostly ugly.
A photo posted by Richard Ford ( on

The first picture is Bath Cathedral. The second is Leadenhall Market in the City.

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