Tuesday, 13 December 2016

I am a Cultural Christian.

The City is peppered with most fantastic profusion of old churches. The City is an area without residents so what are we to do with the churches?
Churches for shoes, Churches for Norway. What is the purpose of a church?

One difference between Britain and the USA is that in the USA the they love God and in the UK we love tradition. On Christmas eve the two cultures can look quite similar. Both nations hold candle processions in church but a different God is worshipped in each..
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This is Moot. A new monistic community in the City.

The word 'Churchian' was invented as a term of abuse and indicates a Christian who loves the church more than God. I suppose I am a churchian by this definition but I prefer to call myself a cultural Christian.

Cultural Christians love everything Christianity has brought to this civilisation but cannot believe in the Christina God. Christianity brought us the idea of moral equivalence. Every person, King or serf faces the same judgement once they are dead. This hasd a powerful effect upon the over powerful and had an astonishingly civilizing effect when first tried in Europe.

I love the architecture of Christendom. The peace of a cathedral is available to believer and non believer alike.

The notion of redemption is also helpful. We need for forgive ourselves and believe ourselves forgiven before we can move on from destructive pattens.

Christian Europe left us great wealth in the form of buildings and art. Many have been re purposed such as this one (St Mary Aldermary) that has become the home of Moot, a 'new monastic community' and a very good coffee shop.

The establishment does not wish to see the end of religion but it does not wish to see a religious revival either. The Church of England fulfils both objectives perfectly.
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This is a City monastery so it has free WiFi.

When I talk of the good life, morality, honor and all the old virtues I am looked upon as the village idiot. Only religious people engage in this conversation.

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