Wednesday, 7 December 2016

The gift we give.

Men seem to need 'stuff' less than women. The 'stuff' that we do own is generally a show we put on for other people.
We are more free than we think.
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Boy stuff and girl stuff. Girl stuff is individual owned (clothing, furniture and so on) whereas boy stuff belongs to everyone (institutions, public art and so on). Patriarchal institutions such as the church always sponsor beauty.

Consider the bag lady. We never hear of bag men- only bag ladies with their sacks of rubbish that they push from place to place in a shopping trolley. A man who becomes homeless takes only the clothes on his back and is in this way more free than the woman.

A man can sometimes benefit from the nesting instinct of women because women are good at making houses into homes. Nevertheless, it is easier for a man to lose his material possessions and bounce back.

Life is made of experience, not things. This knowledge is the gift we give to women.

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