Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Humility and Arrogance.

In a world of posturing braggarts modesty stands out. The intelligent will value us and the stupid will try to victimise us.

There is nothing that upsets the arrogant more than ostentatious modesty!

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Real wealth and power are not boastful. The owners know it can be taken at any time.
I love the interplay of humility and arrogance. I walk past Downing Street and see the famous door at Number 10. So different to the White House and all those other grand structures! There is modesty here but great arrogance too. Look, it says. What do we have to prove?

This is the modest arrogance I aim for in my own life. I wish to be humble for the humble and treat the bully with arrogant contempt.

Right now it is fashionable to treat men as the village idiot of life. This bothered me once. Now I am modest when they attack me. 

Let it be. Their opinion no longer matters.

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