Sunday, 9 September 2018

The Several Order of the Knights Templar.

So I have started this thing...

Three months ago I decided that there was a need for a group- which would not need to be large- to defend civilization with a gentle fanaticism.

I would not 'sell' this group to the public the same way that other orders are sold. What I wanted was not a mailing list of the curious but a small group of dedicated knights.

The Order is based on very old principles and some very new ones.

On the one hand, we have the ideal of service and commitment. This is not a Facebook group or a bunch of people who like to dress up. It is a group of hard-nosed individuals who get things done.

Notice I said individuals there...

The old Knights were not individuals. They were a fighting group that obeyed and died without question and were in the end betrayed by the pope that they fought for.

We shall not make that mistake. There is no membership subscription and no centrally imposed obligation. Each Knight improves their own area of life but with the commitment of a crusade.

This is done in three ways.

1. The Knight will learn about his own culture, art, and people. One cannot love or defend an abstraction.

2. The Knight will devote ten percent of his time and ten percent of his money to the defense of what he or she considers worthy of protection.

3. The Knight will protect the innocent and the helpless.

The great thing about this is that it combines meaningful commitment without a management structure.

  • So what have I done myself? I have investigated the prepping (survivalist) culture in the UK, learned a lot and bought some cool gear. I have bought various items containing Faraday cages to protect my gadgets from electromagnetic damage and from tracking. I have protected my data both from accidental loss and political hazard.
  • I have produced what I think is a neat format to promote survival information and get the Templar brand out there. I am churning these out by the score.
If someone is taken ill on a train, wait until the train reaches the station before pulling the chain. Help will reach them faster. 

  • I have found that people either are not interested (and they never will be) or they get it and join immediately. You will know which you are.

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