Sunday, 9 September 2018

The Several Order of the Knights Templar.

Prepping with the Templars.

What we see here is a sack I use when shopping for survival foods. Red rice is tasty (relatively) high in protein and occasionally reduced at Waitrose.

It is easier for me to give examples of what the Several order is doing than to give you an ideology. Airlines advise we save ourselves before we save others- a dead rescuer is not a rescuer at all. In the same way a Templar must save himself and his family before he may save his community, his nation or the world.

I aim to have a supply of food and water at home both for myself and those close to me. My stocks are very limited but will eventually grow.

Basic prepping is important because economic disruption is the common element of all misfortune. War, civil strife, zombies, plague. All result in a disruption to normal supplies.

What of the wider world? One very cost effective action is to produce graphics such as these.

Knights Templar

My hope is that some might go viral and lodge in the brain.

Knights Templar

This is not charity. It is mutual aid.

We shall see how this grows.

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