Friday, 27 September 2013

The ICA celibates emptiness.

Free, and still too expensive.

It specialises in the most facile and pointless of conceptual art that resembles a child making farting noises in the hope of being noticed. The last exhibition I attended (and possibly will ever attend) consisted of a screen upon which was projected the image of a middle aged Arab man. The commentator waffled on and on about the fact his watch was a cheap Japanese brand and that he knew nothing about him personally.

On and on it went. Seemingly forever, saying nothing new. Deliberate boredom is a feature of this kind of art.

The next room was bared from me. A feminist sat in the doorway and told me that this part of the exhibition was for women only! I considered making a scene for a moment and then realised this was part of the trap. I was quite sure that whatever was in the 'woman's section' was as worthless as the remainder of the exhibition but it bothered me anyway.

The real point of this policy was to drive a wedge between heterosexual couples. Men would wait outside of the room while the women went in. The men were all reasonable about this and yet their relationship would be damaged to some degree as a result.

I now think of the gallery as an exhibition of human stupidity. Interesting in a ghastly sort of way.

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