Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Posh and Mad.

Britain is in the grip of an identity crisis. It sees itself as a nation of inventors and creators and this gives the oddball free reign speak the truth.

On the other hand it sees itself as a 'progressive' and 'tolerant' nation which stamps down hard upon 'hate'.

This means that a bad joke or a drunken tweet or even a personal quarrel can land a person in prison if the other person is a member of a more highly valued group.

I personally value truth above fairy tales. If you believe person X is abusing their power then they should be criticised for it even if person X is a member of a protected group.

If you plan on telling the truth you had better be a little odd. This allows people to ignore what you say because you are clearly mad- except that it is never possible to quite forget the truth even when it is told by a madman.

Often the most perceptive political commentators are comedians. The audience laugh until tears run down their cheeks and yet all he does is tell the truth in its full absurd nakedness.

Unfortunately the shadow of political correctness looms over everyone these days. It is getting harder to tell the truth and even eccentrics are going to jail as there is no legal right of free speech in the UK.

PC folk are timid and easily startled. They resemble sheep except that they exhibit a savage streak to  outsiders. I see them as a sheep-piranha hybrid.

Fortunately it is possible to get away with almost anything in the UK with the correct accent. While a working class person might be thought mad or dangerous, the same behaviour from a toff is 'eccentric'. Just remember. The posher you are, the madder you can be and the madder you are the more truth you can tell.

Toodle pip, old bean. Tally Ho!!

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