Tuesday, 4 February 2014

A Ripping Yarn.

You have a brand.

The role of the Gentleman is the one positive image of men in an age that rubbishes men.

Make no mistake. It IS a calling and you will know if it for you the moment you ask the question..

The essence of the Gentleman is the combination of grace and power. We must understand how it came into being.

The Gentleman was originally is a nicely mannered thug. Think of James Bond or John Steed. Historically speaking he is a knight who has returned from the wars, been given some land and put on some fancy airs. His morality is still based upon the conduct of knights in battle. He is loyal to his friends and values courage. He seeks to protect civilians (those who are weaker than him) but is merciless to the tyrant.

The gentleman is often a scholar but wears it lightly. Practical pursuits were favoured over abstractions. England in particular tended towards an empirical view of the world. And was suspicious of all grand designs and elaborate theory.

If a nation is suspicious of 'the man with the plan' then it will tend to consult and then it will eventually vote on things.

Until recently only the very rich could follow this life but it is now possible for most people to work part time and to spend the remainder of their time doing more interesting (and useful) things.

It is possible to work only twenty hours a week and spend the remaining time doing something that is worthwhile for its own sake. This may be a charitable endeavour or it may be an area of study or something more exotic. The point is that it is done for the joy of it and not because somebody has directed him to do so. The Gentleman is free. Possibly the last free man on earth.

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