Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The curse of the open minded.

In ancient times Europe believed in positive truths (God was chief among them). Now it believes in negative truths, tolerance, open mindedness and so on. These values are actually an absence of values. All opinions are valued and none are believed in absolutely.
We are learning that negative values cannot sustain a civilisation under attack.
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I was walking past St Paul's Cathedral this morning when I noticed something that nearly tempted me in.

There was a lecture on 'right living' or personal morality in everyday life. I was tempted to do in. I am interested in doing right and maybe the Church would have answers for me?

I read on and was given a big dollop of shame from the moral expert. Apparently I should campaign for even more asylum seekers than we are already taking.

Why is this sort of thing 'Christian'?

One thousand years ago Europe was faced with an Islamic empire intent upon destroying 'Christendom' utterly but fortunately the church was able to unify it in its own defense and to mount a crusade.

How things change! Where once the Church believed Europe was worth defending, now it does not.

Christians must decide if Christian civilization is worth saving or not.
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The Church of England is no longer sure of what it believes. Many members are agnostic and so are many clergy. 

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