Thursday, 6 August 2015

Be the Shitlord!

Self esteem is all the rage there days. It has become a commodity to be sold to us by the media- who never owned it in the first place.

We need to become our own judges so that it hardly matters what others think. Be the Shitlord!

No matter how poor a hand we have been dealt we can retain our dignity. If all the world points its finger in our direction it hardly matters as long as we are our own judge.

Even a janitor can be a professional even if he is the only one who recognizes it! There is a great deal of science in cleaning and it is possible to take pleasure in a clean floor.

A janitor may also be a gentleman. He should greet everyone in the same friendly way no matter what their social status. People who are oppressed by life can become bullies and toadies and it takes a gentleman to defeat this tendency.

A shitlord is someone who refuses to accept the poor opinion the world has of him! This is why the politically correct hate shitlords so much- he is immune to shame and cannot be controlled!

Be the Shitlord!

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