Saturday, 30 January 2016

Aspire to Science.

What is science and why should we care? Knowledge is free.

A woman with  blue hair kneeling before a blue duck. I see odd sights such as this every day in the City.

I do not mean science in the conventional sense- a men in a white coats and so on. I mean the scientific approach to life in general. This is all about looking to the external world fro answers (actual evidence) and ignoring what we would like to be true.

This is the only way that civilizations and individuals advance. The core of this method is the scientific experiment. This need not be very sophisticated and 'sciency'. It cab be as simple as trying a new coffee shop to see if one likes it. Someone with a scientific outlook will ignore other peoples opinions because he is looking for what suits him. Not what is fashionable.

It is possible to apply this to politics too. The scientific process will involve rejecting all political correctness (which is other peoples opinions) and considering only the evidence.

This is really all that science is- the careful and honest observation of reality.

Science is very red pill. It requires a ruthless honesty and the exclusion of all hopeful thinking.

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