Monday, 4 January 2016


I never knew it was here. Free.

This blog is growing closer to the Dark Enlightenment over time. It is therefore fitting that I find a suitably medieval location from which to write it.

How about a monastery in the City?

This is not your typical cold monastery where the penitent goes to suffer. This is the City, remember. The closest anyone comes to suffering here is choosing the wrong wine for lobster.
A photo posted by Richard Ford ( on
This is a monastery with twenty varieties of coffee and free WiFi. Prayer services are available but none take more than half an hour and many take less.

A very comfortable route to salvation. Profitable too! One may hold meetings here and stay all day for the cost of a single cup.

Furthermore it is part of a chain. A chain of monasteries. Think of that! It has more branches than Starbucks!!

A chain of monasteries with a loyalty scheme and an iPhone app.

Within the City there are about one hundred churches and only seven thousand residents. This equates to one church for seventy people- clearly an absurd situation in a nation of unbelievers.

The solution was to use the buildings for other things. Within easy walking distance there is an abbey and the Court of Arches. All equally beautiful and all having WiFi. I will visit them all and make one of them my base.

The iPhone app is called Drip. If you download, please use the referral code UQU930. You get free coffie and they pay me!

I will try to find clarity in beautiful surroundings.

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