Wednesday, 13 January 2016

There are two types of freedom.

Only one brings happiness.

There are two freedoms. There is freedom from and there is freedom to.

Purpose is freedom to.
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One definition of a gentleman is a man who has become free but who continues to work- not out of need but for the pleasure of it. Do you remember building sandcastles as a child? On one level it was pointless but what joy it brought!

Work brings joy to the free human being.

The central mission of life is to find work that is joyful for its own sake. This is rarely easy work but it is always work chosen by the worker.

What work would you do if money were not a problem? It is important know the answer because without knowing this it is not possible to be free. Freedom brings depression and futility to the person who does not know the work they were born to do.

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