Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Love and Power.

Love is impotent without power.

Love and Power balance and compliment one another like the Ying Yang that is so loved by the New Age guys.

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Love (empathy, goodwill and all the rest) is impotent without power. The central problem of the mangina is that he thinks that power and love are opposites. He loves women so much that he becomes a cringing eunuch who is incapable of acting decisively in the world. He is a burden to the world- a useless eater- and is universally held in contempt.

Power without moral purpose produces nothing.

Power without love is also impotent. The man who cannot love is nothing but a storm of noise and bluster. He uses his power for only one purpose- to accumulate more power. There is no end product so all the power in the world amounts to nothing.

The art is to combine the two.

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