Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Perfectly imperfect.

We are sufficient.

Perfection is boring. We may admire perfection but in the end you care little about it. There is nothing human to engage with. Every hero who captivates us in film or print is a flawed hero. His struggle is not just against the external world but to overcome his own weaknesses- to move towards perfection but never to reach it.

This, I think is what the New Age mean when they talk about being perfectly imperfect. On the one hand (we are told) we must accept ourselves faults and all. On the other hand we must struggle to overcome them.

This may seem an impossible conundrum- a word puzzle almost. It all become clear when we consider the man who settles into his faults like a comfortable armchair. He will become a self indulgent slug. On the other hand we see see the man who must always be perfect. He is a fragile thing indeed.

This idea pops up in some interesting places. Tyler from RSD talks about 'intent' and 'outcome independence' with women while Jesus talks about the fallen nature of men and the need to be 'perfect even as your father in heaven is perfect'.

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