Monday, 9 May 2016

MGTOW and the Doll House.

There is a subculture among men known as MGTOW. This is pronounced 'mig-tow' and is a strategy of avoiding entanglements with women. This is quite the opposite to romanticism but a necessary survival mechanism for some.

I met some proponents of the MGTOW life in a Vietnamese restaurant in London.

My impressions? First of all, very few of these men were committed to lifelong celibacy. It is legal entanglements they fear, not the female body. The men were of above average intelligence and of average looks.

MGTOW is subject to a great deal of shaming from the feminist movement. This is rather odd when we think of it. If these men were as bad as the feminists claim they are, surely the feminists would be glad to see the back of them?

Clearly there is something beneath the surface.
The first photo is of a pub wall and the second is the owner of The Doll House which is an upmarket sex doll retailer. The website has some stunningly lifelike pictures but some of them were taken in the wrong light and looked like sexy-spooky zombies.

The refusal of these men to be shamed is really quite magnificent since they are doing everything that men are supposed not to do. I have no desire to follow them but I take my hat off.

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