Thursday, 10 November 2016

The day the BBC died.

I woke up with a start. It was Wednesday- the day the presidents votes would be counted. I powered up my phone and visited Trump had won!

Some little part of me could not quite believe it. Briebart was a partisan news source after all- maybe they were declaring votes a little early when the likely results seemed clear? You must remember that in the UK we have been bombarded with even more anti trump propaganda than elsewhere. The BBC absolutely hates him. I therefore went to the BBC for conformation and discovered that the votes were still being counted and nobody had yet won.

Who to believe?

I activated the video function of my BBC app. Three talking heads were in agreement that Trump was a joke candidate and would never be elected. The panel was balanced in the usual BBC way. One disliked Trump, one Hated him and another wanted him dead. I googled the results and learned that Trump had indeed passed the 270 mark and could not now lose.
The talking heads were still talking- something to do with a 'late groundswell' for Hillary. Yet Trump had already won! Did they not know this? I watched the surreal scene in amazement. I made a cup of tea, came back and they were still talking- still predicting a Hillary triumph.
I checked the election results on the BBC app once again. Still it had not been updated! Still the Hillary shrills talked and talked! This was the day the BBC died for me. I deleted the app and will not return.

A photo posted by Richard Ford ( on

The large photograph is of a famous statue on the BBC HQ of a boy being anally raped by an old man. The flute represents a penis. 

Our corruption is not newly minted.

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