Friday, 23 February 2018

How to be the Gray Man.

The intelligence services teach field agents the art of 'going gray'. The grey man is hard to notice and easy to forget. He can move through a city in plain sight and yet memory of him is erased the moment he passes from view.

Why is this desirable? It is desirable because we have become a very conformist society. There are acceptable opinions and opinions it is better to keep to oneself. Violent leftist gangs such as Black Lives Matter or Antifa will beat anyone who is found in the wrong location with the wrong skin or the wrong opinions. It is better to go unnoticed.

Nature is kind to the older man in this respect. We are not seen as sexy or dangerous and so we are often not seen at all.

This photograph was taken in London where supporters of the bloodstained dictator of Venezuela march in support of Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour party and aspirant dictator of Britain. It is a mistake to think that Venezuela could not happen here.

While taking these photos I was wearing scuffed Doc Martins, (plain clothed police cannot help polishing theirs to a mirror finish) baggy jeans - but not so baggy it appears I am mocking a certain kind of black man, and a work shirt sold by Primark. The aim was to blend in with the background and become invisible. Avoid the temptation to wear 'prepper' gear in there situations. It could get you killed.

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