Thursday, 3 November 2016

The medieval world is cyclical.

The middle ages never ended- at least in the major cities of the world. Medieval institutions (the City of London, the Vatican and so on) thrive and we continue to believe ourselves subject to miracles.

Medieval revivals sweep Europe from time to time. We are due one about now. 

A photo posted by Richard Ford ( on

The photographs are of All Saints Margaret st  which was built in the last significant medieval revival. We should note that it was not built as a replica of a genuine medieval structure but as a more recent building (1859) built according to medieval principles.
What are the conditions for a medieval revival? A sustained period of progress that is interrupted by a shock event (2008) that shakes confidence in modernity. Second there should be a fear of engulfment by technology, loss of old certainties and a fear that man might lose his place in the world (artificial intelligence). Third there should be the beginnings of a new economic cycle that generate the wealth to make expressions of these fears possible. The only factor missing is the last which should be here by 2022 or so.

By reading this blog you can be in at the beginning of the next middle ages!

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