Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The man who owns the Sun.

Own nothing. Own everything.

The most reliable indicator of a person is how they own things.

A small mind is only capable of owning things privately. It cannot enjoy anything unless someone is deprived of it.

The world at large passes such people by. They do not notice the beauty of public architecture or the flowers in the park. They are bent upon accumulating things. You may show such a person a great work of art and yet they are unable to truly 'see' the painting. They only ask the price.

The terrible irony is that these great materialists cannot own anything. A thing has value if other people desire it or f it carries prestige such as a Rolex watch. Nothing can be enjoyed for its innate value and so nothing can be truly owned.

A person of high spiritual level can 'own' things they do not even own. They 'own' the sunshine, They 'own' everything that is beautiful.

Going ghost involves giving up exclusive ownership of 'stuff'. It cannot be done with a mean grasping mindset.

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