Monday, 30 January 2017

The Case for the Liberty of the Clink.

In England there are districts known as Liberties that run their own affairs. These continue to exist when the suit the wealthy but are quietly removed where they do not.

We want our liberties back!

Do not believe that this is impossible! The liberties of the Middle Temple and Inner Temple were created in modern times. We can create more!

It is time to get our liberties back- but in the mean time I will show you around.
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The Liberty of the Clink would exist within the proposed City of Southwark.

The creation of a City of Southwark would stimulate economic activity but would not make Britain notably freer. For this reason I would suggest restoring the long abolished Liberty of the Clink that lies within it.

The Clink is chiefly an artistic and entertainment area- just as it was in the time of Shakespere. It makes sense to give this area its own identity and legal powers for this reason alone. Whoever runs the Liberty it will tend to protect artistic integrity and freedom of speech because the area is dependent on these things for its existence.

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This is Winchester Palace- a bit the worse for wear since the heyday of the Liberty but I would hope for a far less grand home for the administration in these reduced days.

I would recommend extending the liberty by around 20% to bring in the Bankside gallery as well as the Globe and a number of other attractions.

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The clink is now mainly known for this prison (now a museum) and even today 'clink' is English slang for prison. The Liberty of the Clink therefore has an ironic ring to it as well as a historic one. I have no doubt that the prestige of this area would grow as a result.

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