Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The Oxford Pilgrimage.

What will freedom look like? How will we know we have arrived? If we can visit a train station and take the first train that takes our fancy then we are free. If we can stay the weekend if we like the place then we are free twice over. This for me is pure joy.

A little while ago I did just this and stayed three days in Oxford. The sweet pleasure of calling my office and telling them I would be away 'for a while' was wonderful- the sweetest joy.

We only know we are free when we act as a free human being.

So what was it like? What did I discover?

I discovered what I always suspected. That human creativity and architecture are intimately linked. It is possible to wander among the domes and spires of Oxford and think thoughts and dream dreams that are possible nowhere else.

This is the essence of the pilgrimage- to leave in search of transcendental truth and return a different man.


Freedom is never abstract. It is always real. When we are sold an abstraction in the place of a specific freedom an act of fraud is perpetuated upon us.

Two dramatic examples are the Soviet Union and the Third Reich. Each of them were based upon the notion of a collective freedom for a class or race. The citizens of these places rapidly discovered that being a member of the supposed ruling class or group did not translate to specific individual freedom. Feminism is quite similar in that it exalts women only as long as they want the things feminists think they should want. If a woman wishes to marry or have children more than she wishes to have a career then she will be opposed.

Freedom is always specific or it does not exist.


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N.B I know the first picture is of Bath. I also visited Bath.

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