Friday, 11 August 2017

The Eccentric Englishman defense.

Have you noticed that some people can tell the truth and get away with it? In the court of the king, only the jester may tell the truth. We must learn to wear a clown hat if we wish to remain free.

In the U.K freedom of speech is protected by tradition rather than constitutional right. The impression of eccentricity should be built up over weeks or months before it is needed. Do not over do it! A working class person could easily end up in a mental hospital for behavior that would be charming and engaging in a toff. Once we have earned a reputation for outrage we can begin to tell the truth on political matters. As long as their is humor mixed in with it we can be un-PC and get away with it.

The correct way to be eccentric is to be oneself- but more so.

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