Friday, 11 August 2017

The ten percent state is possible.

Libertarians talk of the ten percent state. This sounds like crazy talk to most people st the state currently takes five times that sum. let us consult the history books.

We see that the further back we go the lower state expenditure is found to be. If we were to go back as far as the early medieval period we would find a state consisting of little more than the king, his hangers on and a few armed men to keep the barons in line.

The question is therefore not one of possibility but of desirability.

As I wander around the large cities of England I find beauty that stops me in my tracks. These days we believe we need professional planners and local authority busybodies to make our cities livable but these examples indicate otherwise. Furthermore many of these buildings were set up for the public good one way or the other. This one is a vicarage in the City owned by the Church of England. The CofE is essentially secular in nature these days. They hold the old rituals for the believers but do not God bother much. They do a great deal of good in the wider world.

Libertarianism is not a destination to arrive at the day after the revolution. It is a destination to be approached with caution as we rebuild the old world.

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