Friday, 23 February 2018

Death to the hungry little caterpillar!

There are low impact but high probability events that it is worth prepping for despite their non fatal nature.

One such possibility is the wool eating moth caterpillar!

In order to be safe from these little monsters all one needs to do is prevent the adult moth laying eggs on wool. This may be achieved by placing woolen items in bags with a tight mesh. Ideally they should not be airtight or we might find we have packed our wool away slightly damp and we will simply replace moth damage with fungus damage.

I bought myself some shoe bags and I pack my items into these as they come out of the washing machine. This sorts them quite conveniently.

I also choose lavender fabric conditioner as I know that moths dislike the smell of real lavender. I have no idea if moths can tell the difference between synthetic lavender and real. In any case I now have some lavender soap which smells of the real thing.

This is a low investment, low return kind of prepping.

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